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BIPA 121 – Pastoral Life and Leadership (2)

A study of the pastor’s personal life, family life, and private life, how those roles affect his ministry, and how to motivate and manage members of a local church. (2 credit hour)

BIPA 123 – Theology and Practice of Evangelism Local and Global (2)

LOCAL AND GLOBAL: A study of the role of the evangelist and missionary, with emphasis on the reciprocal relationship between the evangelist, missionary, and the local church. (2 credit hour)

BIPA 126 – Theology and Practice of Public Worship (2)

An introduction to the components of public worship with an emphasis on developing a biblical philosophy of music and implementing that philosophy into all aspects of public ministry. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 127 – Theology and Practice of Youth Ministry (2)

A survey of a Biblical foundation and its resultant philosophy of youth work. An emphasis will be on local church youth program. A purpose of this course is to aid each student in the development of his or her own philosophy of youth work. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 212 – Biblical Interpretation (3)

A theoretical and practical study of a variety of Bible study methods applicable for both personal study and teaching, and an introduction to the proper interpretation of Scripture in preparation for preaching or formal teaching. Prerequisites: BIBI 111 and 112. (3 credit hours)

BIPA 325 – Methods in Mentoring (2)

A study of the means and methods of discipleship and leadership training within another culture. An emphasis will be placed on the importance of Biblical, personal mentorship, of national believers. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 326 – The Christian Home (2)

A practical and empirical study of principles and practices for promoting and maintaining Christian living in the home. Prerequisites: Must be a junior or above (2 credit hours)

BIPA 327 – Homiletics (2)

A study of the structure and content of the expositional Bible message. Prerequisites: BIPA 212. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 328 – Homiletics Practicum (2)

A study of the structure and content of the expositional Bible message. Practice preaching is done during this course. Prerequisites: BIPA 212 and 327. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 330 – Christian Camping (2)

A study of the organization and administration of the Christian camp as an extension ministry of the local church. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 335 – Theology of Pastoral Ministry (2)

An examination of the theology of the pastor and his ministry developed primarily from the Pastoral Epistles with an emphasis on the practical application of that theology to current pastoral ministry. Prerequisite: BIBI 111, 112, HUEN 122 (2 credit hours)

BIPA 471 – Theology and Practice of Pastoral Counseling (2)

An introduction to the role of the pastor in church counseling. The course includes basic instruction in grief counseling, marriage and family counseling, financial counseling, and other areas of counseling common to the pastorate. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 472 – Fundamentalism (3)

A study of the history of fundamentalism, with special attention given to its reactions to modernism, neo-orthodoxy, and new evangelicalism. The course is designed to give the student a base for examining new movements in the light of scriptural truth. (Also available as GHI 515) Prerequisites: Junior status or above. (3 credit hours)

BIPA 473 – Church Administration and Finance (2)

A survey of the requirements and methods of administering all the various aspects of the local church, with an emphasis on financial integrity. (Also available as GPA 511) Prerequisites: Junior status or above. (2 credit hours)

BIPA 475 – Dispensationalism (3)

A survey of the historical, hermeneutical, and eschatological implications of the system of dispensationalism. Special attention will be given to its comparison to Covenant theology. (Also available as GST 520) Prerequisite: Junior status or above. (3 credit hours)