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Offered On-Campus

Offered Online

FIPI 1001 – Beginning Piano Class (1)

Designed for the student with no previous experience playing the piano. Students develop basic piano technique while learning to read notes fluently, improvise primary chord lead sheet, and play by ear. (1 credit hour)

FIPI 1002 – Intermediate Piano Class (1)

Designed for the student who has taken FIPI 1001 or has taken lessons in the past. An emphasis is placed on developing practical skills essential for lifelong music making including developing technical facility, sight-reading proficiently, understanding chords, and improvising lead sheets. Prerequisite: FIPI 1001 or instructor’s permission. (1 credit hour)

FIPI 2001 – Functional Piano Skills (1)

Students learn the following functional piano skills needed for classroom teaching: improvising for movement activities and harmonizing/transposing lead sheets two-hand accompaniments. This course is a prerequisite for ELMU 321 and 211. Prerequisites: FIMU 100; also FIPI 1001 for beginners. Note: If advanced secondary proficiency pianists think that they can fulfill the requirements to waive the course, they must do so before the completion of their first semester at Maranatha. (1 credit hour)