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Classes also offered online in orange.

FISM 113 – Hymnplaying 1 (1)

Beginning hymnplaying. Designed for students who play hymns as written and are ready to learn fundamental fills for basic hymn improvisation (examples: octave/chord combinations, stepwise bass, bass runs, outlining, arpeggiation patterns, big chords). Prerequisite: Must be able to play 4-part hymns fluently or instructor’s permission. Test out available. Lab fee. (1 credit hour)

FISM 223 – Hymnplaying 2 (1)

Intermediate hymnplaying. Students learn techniques for smoothly changing registers (examples: down-up-out-in, doubling, playing RH fills) and for fluently modulating through the hymnal. Prerequisite: FISM 113. Test out available. Lab fee. (1 credit hour)

FISM 235 – Hymnplaying 3 (1)

Advanced hymn playing. Students learn advanced techniques in modulation, transposition, chord substitution, doubling. Special emphasis is placed on service preludes and congregational playing. FISM 113, FISM 223, or instructor’s permission. Lab fee (1 credit hour)

FISM 321 – Hymnology (3)

A study of the history and development of the hymn and hymn tunes, types of hymns and their uses, a treatment of hymns and gospel songs from the viewpoint of authorship, spiritual content, musical design, effect and incidents of historical interest. (3 credit hours)

FISM 421 – Music in the Local Church (2)

A study of the philosophy, personnel, program, and plan of the music ministry in the local church. Attention is given to administration, instrument purchase and upkeep, hymnal selection, graded choirs, and musical resources. (2 credit hours)

FISM 446 – Church Music Internship (2)

Students will observe and participate in some leadership roles in the musical ministry of a local church. The student will commit to help with the church Christmas programs or concluding spring programs. Prerequisites: FIMU 217 and one semester of Christian service. (2 credit hours)