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EDUC 100 – Freshman Fieldwork (0)

A field experience exposing the student to the elementary or secondary classroom. The student is able to observe teaching methods and classroom management. This experience is designed to make the student more familiar with classroom and whole school environment. This 15 hour fieldwork is basically observation. $100 fee. (0 credit hours)

EDUC 144 – Foundations of Education (2)

A study of the history and philosophy of education. Additional topics will include school law, the structure of schools, and characteristics of effective schools and teachers. (2 credit hours)

EDUC 201 – Sophomore Fieldwork (1)

The second of three fieldwork experiences. Students begin working in the classroom. They can work with students one on one or in small groups and do a variety of teacher tasks. They will teach and video-tape two lessons. S100 fee. Prerequisite: EDUC 144. (1 credit hour)

EDUC 207 – Instructional Media and Technology (3)

A survey of methods and theories of instruction using modern media and technology. Emphasis is placed on applying appropriate visual design principles and effective classroom implementation models to the selection and production of a variety of traditional and computer-based instructional materials and media. Lab fee. Prerequisite: Sophomore status. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 225 – Human Relations (3)

A study of human relation practices which include interpersonal relationships, cultural differences, and discriminatory problems. Opportunity is given for education majors to interact with minority groups. Prerequisites: HUSO 141 and EDUC 144. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 233 – American Government for Educators (3)

Provides an examination of the American system of federalism by exploring how the local, state and national governments share fundamental principles of government while at the same time, implementing them within their unique capacity. Emphasis is placed on an applying an understanding of our political institutions to significant, contemporary issues. This course does not meet any requirement in the Liberal Arts Core. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 234 – Introduction to Geography for Educators (3)

A study of world geography with an examination of political and human geography. Considers man’s interaction with the planet and fellow humans, leading to the development of different social and cultural patterns, including different economic, urban, religious, and political systems. This course does not meet any requirement in the Liberal Arts Core. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 235 – Physical Geography for Educators (3)

This course serves as a continuation of EDUC 234 Cultural Geography for Educators. Topics include weather and climate, landforms, biogeochemical cycles and the biosphere, earth’s resources and environmental issues, the human food supply and the physical geography of the earth’s major landmasses. This course does not meet any requirement in the Liberal Arts Core. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 236 – The Exceptional Child (3)

An introduction to children with learning differences. Presents the characteristics, causes, and learning problems of children with a variety of disabilities. Federal and state laws concerning special education, current issues and research in the field, and curricular and instructional adaptations are discussed, with an emphasis on the educational impact of environment and individual differences on the learner. Prerequisites: EDUC 144. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 299 – Upper Level Status (0)

EDUC 301 – Junior Practicum (2)

In this last formal fieldwork experience before student teaching, the students carefully observes how teachers plan, instruct, and assess. The students then makes their own lesson plans, deliver the lessons, and give an assessment that they design. They also write commentaries for planning, instruction, and assessment. Must be completed one full semester before student teaching. Prerequisite: Upper Level Status. $210 fee. (2 credit hours)

EDUC 303 – Educational Psychology (3)

The study of learning and of the factors affecting learning: growth and development, motivation, transfer and application of learning, and evaluation of development and achievement. This course must be taken at Maranatha. Prerequisite: EDUC 200, HUPS 131 and Upper Level Status. (3 credit hours)

EDUC 340 – Classroom Management and Positive Behavior (3)

This course will focus on the creation of safe and inclusive learning environments to engage individuals in meaningful learning activities. Strategies for preventing behavior problems and positive behavioral interventions will be examined. Prerequisite: Upper Level Status. (3 credits)

EDUC 342 – Educational Assessment (2)

A study of classroom assessment: paper and pencil, product, performance, portfolios, and alternative assessments. Also covers issues in grading, grading systems, and standardized assessments. Prerequisite: Upper Level Status. (2 credit hours)

EDUC 421 – Education Seminar (2)

A study of the skills and procedures necessary for a successful student teaching experience. Emphasis is placed on fine-tuning the skills necessary for teachers to function effectively and professionally in the school setting. Prerequisite: Upper Level Status. (2 credit hours)

EDUC 443 – Supervised Student Teaching (12)

A full semester of observation and practice teaching in an age appropriate setting under the direct supervision of a veteran classroom teacher. All prerequisites explained in Section I of the Student Teaching Handbook must be met. Open only to senior Education majors. A semester is defined as the semester of the school in which the Student Teaching is being done. Prerequisite: Upper Level Status. (12 credit hours)