Do What You Love – Basketball & Violin

What do a basketball and a violin have in common? Bethany Schimkus, a senior music major at MBU.

As a child, Schimkus fell in love with the violin. As a high schooler she knew she wanted to teach violin, and the question that daunts most seniors, “what are you studying?” was easily answered with Strings Pedagogy. However, another love had developed along with violin—basketball.

She wanted to play basketball while in college, but combining those two entities is almost unheard of. Very few students try, and many universities discourage it. But when she came to Maranatha she found out that her coach and teachers were not only going to allow her to do both, but they were going to help her make it happen. She was afraid of hearing “you can’t,” but coming to Maranatha she realized “I can”!

Opportunities to be involved in the things she loved were here for the taking. Even the seemingly impossible things like being a music major and playing a time-consuming sport.

Educating the whole person came with many perks: it combined the different areas that God had gifted her, showing her that God will use each experience in unique ways later down the road.

Other opportunities exist for students in other majors with different interests. MBU works to create a “you can” environment for their students. Watch the video to hear Schimkus tell her story.