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"Trackform" your 2020 Summer at Music & Drama Camp

If you enjoy challenges in the performing arts and desire to make new connections, join campers from around the United States for an exciting week at Maranatha Music and Drama Camp! The Music Tracks provide optimal musical experiences and challenges for musical and personal growth. The Drama Track invokes the passion and energy of performing arts, both in front of and behind the curtain. In all tracks, workshops and recreational activities are balanced to provide campers with both learning and leisure time.

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2020 Music & Drama Camp Announcements

Join us for Music and Drama Camp next year June 8-12, 2020!

Registration opens February 1, 2020.

Register by April 10 for the early-bird rate.

Registration closes May 10.

All audition forms with video links must be turned in by May 10.

Which Camp Track Will "Trackform" Your Summer?

Stage Crew


  • Beginning Band | no band experience (a day camp from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM) Directed by Teresa Herbert

  • Cadet Band | one year of band experience (typically 6th or 7th grade) Directed by Trisha Taylor

  • Intermediate/Advanced Band | two or more years of band experience | Directed by Dr. David Brown


  • Rehearse with the band.

  • Receive specialized instruction on their instrument: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Low Brass, or Percussion.

  • Sing in the camp choir (for those campers 12 by January 2020).

  • Participate in the afternoon General Music Electives.


  • After registration is completed and campers are in their designated rehearsal rooms, the band director will confirm whether they are in the correct band for their level and age. Additional adjustments may be made during the first scheduled rehearsal.

  • For questions regarding band track, email David Brown.



Come and learn from professionals in the field of video and movie production. With our flexible learning setup, you will learn and grow through the week no matter your previous experience. You will improve your individual skills and learn to work with a creative team through collaborative projects. Areas to be covered through the week include:

  • Cinematography

  • Special Effects

  • Editing

  • Scripting

  • Team Work

  • Directing


  • No audition requirements for the cinema track.

  • Students must have completed at least their Freshman year of high school.

  • For questions regarding the cinema track, email Isaiah Kazarovich.


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2019 MUSICAL: PETER PAN JR. (For those entering 7th grade and above)

Based on the Disney film and J.M. Barrie's enchanting play, Disney's Peter Pan Jr. is a modern version of the timeless tale about a boy who wouldn't grow up. The score includes new arrangements of classic Disney songs and a story featuring one rousing adventure after another.

Wendy Darling loves to tell stories to her brothers, Michael and John. But when her father announces she must move out of the nursery, Peter Pan comes to visit the children and whisks them away to Neverland. Their journey introduces them to the Lost Boys, Mermaids, Indians, and even the infamous pirate, Captain Hook!  It’s Peter to the rescue when Wendy is taken captive by the dreaded captain, who has his own sinister plans in mind for our hero.

Disney's Peter Pan Jr. is a magical story with countless opportunities for clever staging and design, and large ensemble numbers featuring cliques of classic characters.

2019 COMEDY: OLIVER TWISTED (Senior high students)

Synopsis: If you enjoy spoofs you’ll especially enjoy a double spoof - a parody of Dickens’ classic work inside a take-off of the early TV private-eye shows.  Every character is a hilarious cartoon-image of a traditional, archetypal character.  For instance, there’s Mrs. Bumble, the cruel and selfish head of the orphanage, and Fay Gunn, the leader of the young boy pickpockets.  ’Famous’ private eye Chuck Dickens is hired by a wealthy society matron to find the lost orphan Oliver Twist.  The PI’s total ineptness is exceeded only by the silly devotion of his adoring Girl Friday.  When she and Bill Sikes find Oliver and save him from a life of delinquency, the ’world’s greatest detective,’ Chuck Dickens, once again takes credit for solving the mystery though he contributed nothing but confusion...  and loads of silly fun.

Track description: This track includes special workshops on makeup and acting and features its own performance of a popular and engaging comedy! Roughly twelve senior high students will be selected during the audition period to be part of this production. The track will rehearse separately from the musical production but will join the camp for all other activities. A Thursday night performance will complete this camp experience. Campers in this track will put their newly-acquired makeup skills to the test by assisting with makeup preparations for Peter Pan, Jr.




  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Take daily lessons with master teachers.
  • Have practice time every day during the private lesson time.
  • Be assigned a duet partner, choose a duet piece, and practice with a duet coach.
  • Be in an ensemble learning sight reading, playing by ear, and developing a level-specific piece for the concert.
  • Attend various piano-specific workshops.
  • Sing in the camp choir.
  • Participate in the afternoon General Music Electives.


Stage Crew


  • Enjoy all the fun of the stage, without standing in the spotlight. Join us for a week of technical theatre, where you will learn the basics of set construction, painting techniques, lighting, sound, and running a production from behind the scenes. You will help build an entire set in one week and see it "come to life" in the Drama Camp’s production.

  • Campers (grades 8-12) will be stretching flats, building frames and platforms, and painting scenes. They will learn about tool usage and safety, constructing moveable stages, production organization, stage movements, and lighting design, settings, and controls.

  • No previous experience is needed, as training will be provided for both beginning and experienced stagehands. Be sure to bring clothes for painting as well as black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt. Remember, in any production, the most important people wear black!


  • Stage crew campers do not have auditions, but campers need to report to the gym stage after completing registration.

  • For questions regarding the stage crew track, email Isaiah Oetken.



Music & Drama Camp this year will feature two strings tracks this year

  • Intermediate Strings Track for those students in Suzuki books 2 and 3.
  • Advanced Strings Track for those students in Suzuki books 4 and up.
Age rangePriceCamp timesIncludes
For students going into 5th grade$90Short-day camp – arrive at 9:30, leave at 4:00Track time and lunch
For students who are 11 - 12 years old, but not 12 by January 2020 $220Arrive for breakfast and leave after the evening service or stay with sponsorsChoir, track time, 3 meals, and the evening service
For students 12 years old by January 2020$295 (early bird) / $340 (after April 10)Full camp experience.Above opportunities plus  staying in the dorm


  • Play in an orchestra or string ensemble.
  • Sing in the camp choir (for those campers 12 by January 2020)
  • Participate in the afternoon General Music Electives.


  • See our listing of practice music as you prepare.
  • Listen to all the music via YouTube, preferably with parts and/or scores in hand.
  • Print and bring your orchestra parts with you to camp.
    • A letter from the instructors will be posted later.


  • There will be a short audition for seating on the Monday morning of camp. No one will be excluded from the orchestra on the basis of this audition. 
  • Read more about String Auditions
  • For questions regarding the strings track please email Lewis Rosove. or Miss Melody Steinbart (Intermediate).

Maranatha Camp Faculty (assisted by MBU alumni and students)

David Brown

David Brown

Band and Choir
Ruth Brown - Faculty

Ruth Brown

June Brus

June Brus


Isaiah Kazarovich

David Ledgerwood

David Ledgerwood

Piano and Choir
Chistina Miller - Faculty

Christina Miller

Jeffrey Miller - Faculty

Jeff Miller


Isaiah Oetken

Stage Crew
Lewis Rosove - Faculty

Lewis Rosove

Melody Steinbart

Melody Steinbart

Strings and Choir
Janet Tschida - Faculty

Janet Tschida


We are surrounded by other musicians for the whole week, and we have access to many great musical professors and counselors...I look forward to Music Camp for months and count down the days until it begins!

Elizabeth Hudson


I was encouraged to witness the incredible progress made by my students in one week of camp

Dr. David Townsend

Freedom Christian School

As a parent, my mind was put at ease knowing that the girls were in the hands of exceptionally competent and caring instructors, leaders, and sponsors. We could not have been more pleased with their progress and experience after spending a week at Maranatha Band Camp.

Stephanie Griggs

Mother of Camper

You don’t spend all of your time with just drama, or string, or piano people. You get to branch out and broaden your horizons. Plus, the food is really great!

Kimberly McDaniel


Maranatha Band camp is a great opportunity for homeschooled students to get a chance to play in a band!

Seth Hudson


The best part about summer camp was the fact I was surrounded by people who were as dedicated to their instrument as I was. The teachers were the greatest encouragement to better myself for God’s glory

Lizzie Conrad


I had an absolutely amazing time at camp and would recommend Maranatha’s Music and Drama Camp to anyone wanting to learn their instrument better.

Clayton Sparks


Maranatha’s Music Camp not only is a great asset to learning my instrument, but it is also great fun!! The activities are great, I met new friends, and I learned lots of music.

Sarah Howell


My girls and I LOVED our experience at Maranatha and I hope to bring more kiddos next summer to experience what we did! Such a unique opportunity, and combining music and summer camp together in a Christian atmosphere is an unbelievable experience. My girls sang "By the Gentle Waters" (from choir) at a family gathering as well as a homeschool co-op's talent show. Many experiences from their week of camp have influenced them. Even the hymn singing in the dorms at night had a huge impact. The effects of your camp go on and on.span>

Lynn Betzold

Volunteer/Mom of campers

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