2018 Heritage Singers

Maranatha Baptist University is pleased to announce the 2018 Heritage Singers team. From the midwest and the East Coast, each team member brings his and her unique talents to the team as they prepare for a summer of ministry and service to the Lord.

See how God used last year's team, and pray for this team as they prepare.

Drinkwater, Lucie

From West Enfield, ME, sophomore Lucie Drinkwater joins the team as alto and cellist.





Micah Gillespie

Hailing from Tipp City, OH, freshman Micah Gillespie joins the team as bass. He also plays piano and violin.

Peter Holoway

From Birmingham, MI, sophomore Peter Holloway joins the team as violinist and bass.

From Tipp City, OH, team leader and seminary student Caleb Gillespie returns to the team as tenor, trumpet and cello player, and preacher.

Elisabeth Hettinga

From Elyria, OH, junior Elisabeth Hettinga returns to the team as soprano and violinist.

Justine Ostrander
Music Directory 2017 KD 062-L

From North East, MD, Freshman Carolyn Peters joins as soprano and French horn player. She also plays piano.

Hailing from Beaver Dam, WI, junior Justine Ostrander joins the team as pianist, soprano, and violinist.

Music Directory 2017 KD 089-L

Joining the team for a second year, Senior Joseph Steinbart is from Hartland, WI, sings tenor, and plays viola.