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I Can MBU, can you?

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I can learn and grow


In each of our programs you'll study under professors who challenge you, mentor you, and help you succeed. With your diploma in hand, you'll be ready to go, serve, and lead in a world that needs all you can give.


You'll find an atmosphere of faith and family on our campus—starting with our biblical worldview, daily chapel services, dorm discipleship groups, and continuing through community outreach and the local churches.


Expand your experience in life through the many opportunities that exist at MBU, in the Watertown community, through local churches, through internships on or off campus.

The mission of Maranatha is to develop leaders for ministry in the local church and the world “To the Praise of His Glory."

Students will explore and expand their talents and be taught how to use them for the Lord, effectively teaching them to say "I can" because of Christ.

What will you do at MBU?

I can embrace opportunities

I can fellowship with the girls soccer team at six in the morning
-Leah Ng Senior

I can be involved in inner city ministry every week
-Kaycee Detmers | Sophomore

I can get a student to stop using the word "can't"
-Lewis Rosove | Music Faculty

I can trust and wait on the Lord as he uses education in my life to open doors of opportunity following graduation.
Jeff Rupp Senior

I can teach young directors their craft
-Jeff Miller | Chair, Humanities Department

I can get one-on-one mentoring from professors
-Devon SteuerwaldSophomore

I can figure out who God wants me to be
-Olivia Zimmerman | Sophomore

I can study criminal justice
-Brittany Oberholtzer | Senior

You'll Love What You Can Do at MBU.

At MBU, finding opportunities to grow as a person and develop skills for the future is not hard. We want to help you do what you love, we want to help you grow, and we want to help you succeed.

I Can

With Professors

The professors at MBU dedicate their time and efforts into preparing students for achieving their future goals by building relationships in and outside of class, teaching, and mentoring. 

"I can count on my teachers to care about me and help me succeed." -Elizabeth Bergman

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With Classmates

Between the roommates, the classmates, and the friends you'll make, the relationships you build in college will last a lifetime. At MBU, all kinds of extracurricular activities are set in place to build on old friendships and create new friendships.

"I can become best friends with my roommates." -Jordana Keller

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