The Cedarholm Library is a great place to conduct research. Search Holmes below to find materials. You can also look at some of the other helpful resources that we have compiled for your research.

The Library uses EBSCO (A.K.A. HOLMES) to search for information at the library. HOLMES gives you access to material physically available in the library in addition to other resources. Search HOLMES to the right or browse the sections below for more information on the Cedarholm Library.



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The Library has access to a number of databases outside of EBSCO. These databases are useful for any area of study.

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Computer Programs

Several helpful programs on library computers can aid in Bible, counseling, music and other relevant subject matters.

Style Guides

The authoritative sources for each documentation style (APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian) are the style manuals themselves. You can easily find these in the Reference section of the library. Paper specifications may also vary based on guidelines that are specific to a particular course, teacher, or department. Be sure you know your teacher’s requirements for documentation styles.