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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities: Letters

Related Minors

  • English
  • History
  • Humanities: Cross-Cultural

Degree Overview

The Humanities major with a Letters track focuses on the extensive, fascinating world of history and literature. With an added minor in another discipline, this program prepares you for graduate studies in law, history, or other fields. Many employers prefer to hire graduates with backgrounds in writing and communication - areas to which you will be exposed through the writing and speech requirements in the Letters emphasis. Maranatha's dedicated instructors foster an appreciation for diverse cultures and values that have influenced civilization throughout time, while emphasizing the importance of Judeo-Christian foundations.

Potential Careers*

  • Communications
  • Seminary
  • Local or state government
  • Public relations
  • Collegiate teaching
  • Writing/editing
  • Retail
  • Media
  • Law school

*Some careers and employment positions require graduate degrees, specialized training, or additional certification and licenses.

Experienced Faculty

Humanities: Letters Program Outcomes

A graduate of the Humanities/Letters Program should be a person who:

  • Has sharp, critical, and creative reasoning skills
  • Can read and comprehend complex material
  • Communicates effectively in both written and spoken discourse
  • Is prepared for graduate school and a career in law, history, English, or other related fields
  • Is skilled in public speaking, rhetoric, debate, reading, writing, and logical thinking
  • Has the ability to consider historical events and human experience within a Christian framework
  • Appreciates diverse cultures and values that have influenced civilizations while understanding the importance of the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western culture