MBU Pedagogy Program Receives Approval for “MTNA Collegiate Chapter”

Music Teachers’ National Association (MTNA) has been empowering music teachers to teach confidently and effectively for years. One of the ways MTNA supports music teachers is through the establishment of local and collegiate chapters designed to meet the specific needs of local teachers. Maranatha recently received MTNA’s approval to launch their own official collegiate chapter, bringing the educational quality the university can offer its pedagogy students to a new level.


The mission of MTNA is “to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers.” MTNA’s mission statement dovetails perfectly with the strong emphasis Maranatha places on impacting society through excellence and professionalism in teaching – to the praise of His glory.


MBU’s MTNA chapter will mainly impact two overlapping entities: Maranatha’s music pedagogy programs and Maranatha Music Prep School. MBU pedagogy majors and minors obtain invaluable, supervised, hands-on teaching experience by providing private lessons, theory classes, ensemble experiences, and early childhood classes to the area community at Music Prep.


Inside the mission of the MTNA, there are three objectives. Each objective coincides with key aspects of Maranatha’s goals for their graduating music teachers and for Music Prep students.


The first objective is to engage the public, increasing the number of people making and teaching music. Access to MTNA resources allows the music interns to bring an even higher level of excellence and professionalism to their teaching, helping them attract more young students to take music lessons. Maranatha Collegiate Chapter Vice President Grace B. points to the opportunities that MTNA offers to members’ students. For example, MTNA hosts competitions for the students to engage and challenge them in their playing.


The second objective is to sustain the profession, ensuring the long-term future of music teaching. “MTNA helps establish Maranatha’s credibility nationally,” states Kaylee Barr, president of Maranatha’s MTNA Collegiate Chapter. “When people see Music Prep teachers and Maranatha graduates on MTNA’s ‘Nationally Certified Teachers of Music’ list and know that well-qualified teachers come out of this school, the potential to advance enrollment in our pedagogy programs increases.” Through the credibility and support that MTNA provides, Maranatha will be able to more effectively encourage students to pursue a music teaching career.


The final objective inside MTNA’s mission statement is to inspire the members, engaging and supporting the MTNA membership. In addition to MTNA’s collection of teaching resources, there are also wonderful financial incentives for MTNA members and collegiate chapters such as the Collegiate Chapter Enrichment Grant, the Collegiate Travel Grant, and others.


Janet Tschida, director of Music Prep and associate professor at MBU, shares her vision for MTNA’s impact on MBU students. “In addition to continuing to earn their MTNA certification, as we develop our collegiate chapter, we hope our students will attend conferences, submit proposals to present at conferences, read MTNA journals, participate in webinars/forums, and envision and implement events for our local area.”


Ultimately, the addition of MBU’s own MTNA collegiate chapter will be very profitable for pedagogy students while they are gaining experience as teachers at Music Prep. “We want our MBU students to experience the benefits of collaborating with music-teaching professionals through professional organizations such as MTNA,” Tschida comments. “As a result of experiencing MTNA’s value as a university student, we hope our graduates will continue to be a part of these kinds of professional organizations throughout their careers.”