Music Prep Students Showcase Imagination and Creativity

Clowns, costumes, and choreography – recent Music Prep recitals were anything but traditional! Music lessons were filled with excitement all semester as students, teachers, and parents anticipated the first ever Music Plus recitals at Maranatha Music Prep School. The variety of ideas that students chose to communicate their pieces showcased their imagination and creativity. Below is sampling of the students’ ideas.

Olivia Wrolstad created a story for Grieg’s “Puck” and programmed a computer animation for it.

Katherine Boorujy involved her family in choreographing Paganini’s “Theme from Witches’ Dance.”

Grace Vawter made up a story for Melody Bober’s “The Giant Chase,” and her brother Michael drew pictures to illustrate the story. The pictures were shown on the projector screen while Grace played. Grace made the music come alive as she imagined what was happening in the story, and her brother even showcased his creative flair!

Ayla Wenninger used a picture of a dinosaur to illustrate dynamics in “Rex, the Tyrannosaurus.” When the music was louder, the dinosaur appeared close; and when it was softer, it appeared small and distant. The audience was in for a big surprise at the end with a huge face of a tyrannosaurus in the screen as Ayla played a fortissimo ending.

Playing Radnich’s arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jared Wehking used Captain Jack Sparrow’s many facial expressions to illustrate the contrasting moods of the piece.

Lyvia Miller donned a German costume in honor of Friedrich Seitz as she played the third movement of his Concerto No. 5 in D Major.

Timothy Weir involved his younger brother in making “Onward Christian Soldiers” come to life! While Timothy played this triumphant hymn, Jonathan donned a soldier costume and marched on the stage.

Maiya Reid used pictures of clowns to illustrate the form and moods of Rachmaninoff’s “Polichinelle.”

Anna Litwiller illustrated the musical moods of Kohler’s “Melodic Tune” by showing pictures of a chinchilla jumping, running, and cuddling.

Music Prep students are looking forward to this year’s theme of Collaboration.