Synchronous Learning

What is synchronous learning?

Maranatha online faculty sometimes use a product called Adobe Connect to run live sessions. Not all courses use this technology, but here are some hints about this.synch

The teacher might have a time when he or she will ask you to be online. Generally, there are not a lot of synchronous sessions in the course (no more than 6), and you usually have the option to pick which ones you want to attend. All of the sessions are recorded, so you can watch the ones you might miss.

What you might need to participate:

  • Anyone can participate using the chat feature, which allows you to type questions and comments directly to the instructor in real-time.
  • If your computer has sound (i.e. you can hear music or watch videos on your computer), you’ll be able to hear the instructor or others talking.

Some teachers or classes (such as Fundamentals of Public Speaking) require the use of your web camera or headset/mic combo. For other classes, those items might be optional:

  • If you’re speaking during the session, we recommend purchasing a USB headset/mic combo for the best audio experience. You can get some for $20 at Walmart. Although some computers and webcams have mics built into them, they generally do not allow for the best audio experience for other listeners in the session.
  • Any web camera (either built-in or external) works with Adobe. You just cannot have the web camera running in another program (i.e. Skype or Google chat) during the Adobe session.
  • Students can attend Adobe Connect synchronous sessions anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices.
    1. Download and install the Adobe Connect Mobile App on your mobile device.
    2. After the app is installed, select it. When prompted, enter the meeting URL the instructor has given you.