Bridge to Campus

Maranatha is making the Christian college experience more accessible and affordable through Bridge to Campus remote learning centers. This unique program works in collaboration with local fundamental Baptist ministries to provide a college education from a Christian worldview. Start your college experience close to home, connect with students who share your beliefs, and study under mentors who care about your spiritual development and academic success.

At Bridge learning centers, students enter virtual classrooms through two-way interactive HD video technology. Maranatha's Bridge to Campus students virtually attend live classes at Maranatha's Watertown campus so they can experience college from a location close to home.


Bridge to Campus provides a unique opportunity for students to complete their first year of college at a location close to home and at a reduced cost. Work and study with other students at a residential learning center while learning to serve others and grow in Christ. Or travel to a commuter learning center at a local church under the discipleship of a local pastor.

You can experience Maranatha from one of our residential learning centers by sitting in on real-time college classes, building relationships with other Bridge students, and growing academically and spiritually through the instruction of our dedicated and passionate Christian faculty.

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