Microsoft Excel

About This Course

Fell_Suzanne“This 1-credit Excel course will teach and reinforce basic to advanced formulas as well as practicing time-saving features essential to any business. In addition to the hands-on exercises from the text, the required eLab access offers reinforcement through online simulations, quizzes, and videos.”

Course Details

Code / Name: BUMI 261 − Microsoft Excel       (1 credit)  Excel

Description: A study of spreadsheet concepts and application using MS Excel to create formulas, charts, and macros along with integration of the Office suite.

Prerequisite: BUMI 161

Course Workload Preview

The following preview of anticipated course workload is subject to instructor change.

  • Complete 14 Lessons from the textbook.
  • Complete reinforcement and application exercises from each lesson.
  • Complete an online quiz for each lesson.
  • Complete 1 final project.

Required Text(s): Students must purchase and possess the required text(s) by the first day of class- order early!

  • Email the instructor listed in MyMaranatha for current textbook and Microsoft Excel version information.
  • You are eligible for free access to Microsoft Office products for as long as you are a student at MBU. Online-only students should email for access information. You can alternatively purchase a student discounted copy of Office Ultimate Edition from Microsoft by going to .