Summer 2016 Classes


Registration for the Summer Semester will open on March 16th.

During your first online session, we strongly recommend you take one course. If, after successfully completing your first course, you want to take more, you may do so. Check Maranatha’s catalog for information related to prerequisites, the required Liberal Arts and Biblical Studies Cores, and placement options. In order to ensure quality interaction between instructors and students, enrollment in our courses is capped. Since courses fill up, you are encouraged to register early to reserve your seat! MBU may also cancel courses (for reasons like low enrollment).

Session ASession B
May 10- July 2 July 5- August 27
Bible and Church Ministries Bible and Church Ministries
3Old Testament Survey*3New Testament Survey*
3Baptist Heritage3Baptist Heritage
3Christian Life, Leadership, and Evangelism
3Bible Doctrine 1 (300+ level)3Bible Doctrine 2 (300+ level)
3Acts (300+ level)31 & 2 Corinthians (300+ level)
3Proverbs & Ecclesiastes (300+ level)
3Modern Creationary Thought3Introduction to Biblical Counseling
2Introduction to Philosophy (300+ level)2Apologetics (300+ level)
English and Speech English and Speech
3English Grammar*3English Composition 1*
3American Masterpieces3British Literature Survey 2
3The Bible as Literature (300+ level)3Composition & Literature
2Fundamentals of Public Speaking*

See also Session C below.

Social Studies Social Studies
3The Modern World*3The Modern World*
3US History 13US History 2
3Native American History (300+ level)
3General Psychology*3Developmental Psychology
3Introduction to Sociology*3Introduction to Geography*
Math and Science Math and Science
3College Algebra*3College Mathematics*
3Concepts in Biology*3Probability & Statistics
3Concepts in Physics*

See also Session D below.

Health Health
2Personal & Community Health*2Drugs, Society, & Human Behavior*
Education Education
3Children's Literature2Foundations of Education*
3Educational Psychology (300+ level)2Educational Assessment (300+ level)
Business, Computer, and Digital Media Business, Computer, and Digital Media
3Introduction to Business and Management*3Business Communication
1Computer Applications Seminar*
1MS Word1MS Access
3Macroeconomics3Principles of Video Production 1*
3Web Site Design 2

See also Session D below.

Music and Music Education Music and Music Education
2Music Appreciation*3Basic Music Literature*
1Curriculum and Methods in Music
1Knowing Early Childhood Music and Movement1Knowing Middle Childhood Music and Movement
1Knowing Brass1Knowing Percussion
1Knowing Music Program Administration

Session C (12 weeks)
May 10- July 30

3English Composition 2

Session D (16 weeks)
May 10 - August 27

4General Biology 2
4Chemistry for the Allied Health Professions*
4Principles of Accounting 1
5Calculus 1

* This course has no prerequisites.