Completing Your First Year Online

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You can complete your first year of an on-campus degree in almost every major through Maranatha online, saving up to $13,000!

This can lead to some serious savings, in terms of time and money, especially if you are getting started as a High School student doing dual-enrollment. Since most coursework toward an academic Minor does not begin until your sophomore year, we do not generally provide coursework in those areas online.

If you don’t know what major (or even larger department) you want to study, there are five courses that all majors take in their freshman year: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, English Composition 1, English Composition 2, and The Modern World.

Make sure to check the Fall, Spring, and Summer course schedules to see when specific courses will be offered.

Check out the 1st Year plans by major

A full first year is not able to be completed online for the following majors, however you may still take courses to lighten your load on campus. Please let us know if you are interested in one of these majors, as sufficient interest allows us to add necessary courses.

  • Early Childhood Education (Associate’s)
  • Sport Management (all but one critical course is available; please inquire for more information)