New Yorker Jeffrey Rupp Named 5,000th MBU Graduate

Graduation came to a halt on May 5, 2017, after Dr. Tracy Foster, Dean of the School of Business, called Jeffrey Rupp’s name. Dr. Marty Marriott, president of Maranatha Baptist University, stepped up to explain the interruption, naming Jeffrey Rupp the 5,000th graduate of MBU. He read a brief biography of Jeffrey Rupp, gifted him with…

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Maranatha Hosts ROTC Commissioning

A smaller crowd gathered to watch five MBU ROTC cadets commissioned into the United States Army as 2nd Lieutenant. ROTC Cadets Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants Bryan Crane, Infantry, Active Army Jared Eitel, Infantry, Army National Guard Cody Gorski, Medical Services, Army National Guard Jeffrey Rupp, Engineer, Army, Reserves Sean Sutton, Ordnance, Active Army Capt. Jon…

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ROTC Cadets Recognized at Joint Award Ceremony

Congratulations to eight ROTC cadets who received awards on Wednesday, April 12 at the Joint Award Ceremony in Madison, WI. This ceremony brings the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine ROTC programs together annually to recognize their top Cadets and Midshipmen. These men have exemplified military and scholastic excellence as well as strong leadership qualities.

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