Course Schedule

Seminary Class

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Fall 2017 Online Session B Courses

October 24 - December 16

Course Code Course Title Credits Session Professor
GBC 513 Counseling Problems and Procedures 2 B Dr. Bruce Meyer
GBC 550 Proverbs and Counseling 2 B Dr. Preston Mayes
GNT 503B Greek Grammar 1B 1 B Mr. Jon Rehfeldt
GNT 532 Expositions of First Corinthians 3 B Dr. Andrew Hudson
GST 510 Prolegomena 1 B Dr. Larry Oats
GOT 543 Exposition of Proverbs 2 B Dr. Preston Mayes
GCM 501 Basic Music Literature 3 B Anne Binkley
GHI 628

History of Christianity 3 B Dr. Larry Oats

Spring 2018 Residential Courses

January 15 - May 4


Spring 2018 Online Session A Courses

January 16 - March 10


Doctor of Ministry Classes

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Course Code Course Name Dates Location Professor
DMI 800 Research and Writing Available upon acceptance to the program Online Dr. Larry Oats
DPA 802 Preaching Old Testament Narratives January 8-12, 2018 Module Dr. Preston Mayes
DPA 807 Organizational Leadership June 4-8, 2018 Module Dr. Jeffrey Drost