Chaplaincy Program (MDiv)

Chaplaincy Program

Chaplaincy is a demanding and rewarding calling. The various branches of the Armed Forces are looking for men passionate about spiritual ministry and compelled by duty to their country to minister within the military. Chaplains are needed in every branch.

Maranatha Baptist Seminary’s chaplaincy training program prepares its students to serve as military chaplains upon their graduation. The Department of Defense has approved Maranatha’s Master of Divinity for chaplaincy preparation. Every branch of the Armed Forces offers the explicit chaplaincy training for those who have completed their MDiv. “They want people who have been fully trained in their faith,” said Dr. Larry Oats, Dean of the Seminary.

“This is a great opportunity,” Oats said. "The military is filled with young men and women, most at a very impressionable time in their lives. Some of them will grow up very quickly.”

Almost half of enlisted military personnel are 25 or younger, a time when a godly friend can help shape the future direction of their lives.

Prospective chaplains are not required to enroll in the ROTC program, but may elect to do so. There are also some advantages for those who wish to serve in the Reserves or state National Guard units while completing their education.

  • To comprehend and articulate biblical and systematic theology; to be able to assess current trends in theology, biblical interpretation, and culture and compare those trends with biblical truth, thus being able to correctly accept, reject, or correct such trends
  • To understand church and Baptist history and to evaluate past and current events in their historical contexts
  • To interpret, preach, and teach God’s Word from a dispensational hermeneutic
  • To demonstrate exegetical skills in translating and interpreting the biblical languages and to apply those exegetical skills to the preparation and delivery of sermons and lessons
  • To comprehend the administrative and leadership skills necessary for pastoral leadership in the local church and other similar ministries
  • For those interested in further education, to develop the research and communication skills necessary to continued successful education
  • Available from a Distance or On Campus. Many classes in the Master of Divinity Degree are offered via Online or Virtual Classes; read more about our delivery options! 
  • Other MDiv Options: Look into the option of finishing your MDiv through our Church Site program.
  • Choose to Specialize:  The core of this traditional 96-hour program includes a solid foundation of biblical languages, church history, pastoral theology, biblical studies, and theological studies. Then, if you desire, specialize in one of the following areas:
      • Biblical counseling
      • Biblical languages
      • Inter-Cultural studies
      • New Testament
      • Old Testament
      • Pastoral theology
      • Theology