Church Music

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Maranatha’s Master’s in Church Music is designed for the student who seeks a master’s degree in church music with a biblical and theological emphasis. It allows individuals who serve in ministry positions to enhance their Biblical and church music knowledge. This program is designed with flexible course scheduling so students can obtain an advanced degree in music without having to leave a current ministry or career.
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  • To comprehend basic elements of biblical and systematic theology from a dispensational hermeneutical perspective
  • To evaluate the appropriateness of music specifically for the church setting
  • To develop and implement a coherent philosophy of church music
  • To demonstrate the ability to organize, direct, and assess the music program of a local church
  • To demonstrate faithfulness to the Holy Spirit’s work through God’s Word in his or her personal life and ministry


All but three of these courses are offered online, although students may attend more campus classes if they desire. Three courses must be taken on the Maranatha campus in one-week modules.


  • A minimum of 34 semester hours of approved credit must be completed for the Master of Arts in Church Music.
  • The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from an approved institution must be held by the applicant.
  • No more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit from another institution may be applied toward this degree.
  • A grade point average of 3.0 or better must be earned.
  • A maximum of two C grades will be credited toward graduation.


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Biblical Studies 
Required Class:
GOT541 Exposition of Psalms3
Required Hours:3


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Systematic Theology 
Required Classes:
GST510 Prolegomena1
GST520 Dispensationalism and Dispensational Hermeneutics3
Elective Classes: Choose one of the following
GST611 ST 1 – Bibliology, Theology Proper2
GST612 ST 2 – Christology and Pneumatology3
GST613 ST 3 – Anthropology, Hamartiology, and Soteriology3
GST614 ST 4 – Eschatology, Angelology, and Ecclesiology3
Required Hours:7


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Pastoral Theology 
Required Class:
GPA 615 Theology of Prayer and Worship2
Required Hours:2


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Church Music 
Required Classes:
GCM 501 Basic Music Literature*3
GCM 502 Introduction to Analysis*3
GCM 510 Philosophy of Music3
GCM 511 History of Sacred Music3
GCM 512 Analysis3
GCM 513 Music Resources and Literature2
GCM 514 Children’s Ministries2
GCM 520 Hymnology and Songleading†3
GCM 521 Choral Conducting 1† (3)2
GCM 522 Choral Conducting 2† (4)2
GCM 530 Applied Lessons1
GCM 531 Applied Lesson1
 Required Hours:22-28


Total Hours Required:†- On Campus Modules*- May be waived through testing
(3) – GCM 520 is a prerequisite to this course.
(4) – GCM 521 is a prerequisite for this course.