MA Intercultural Studies


  • A minimum of 35 semester hours of approved credit must be completed for the Master of Arts in Intercultural studies.
  • The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from an approved institution must be held by the applicant.
  • No more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit from another institution may be applied toward this degree.
  • A maximum of two C grades will be credited toward graduation.
  • Applicants may be required to make up deficiencies without credit in any of the departments at the discretion of the Academic Senate.


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Biblical Studies 
Elective Classes:
GOT514 Biblical Theology of the Old Testament3
GNT515 Biblical Theology of the New Testament3
GOT521 Old Testament Background3
GOT525 Holy Land Tour3
GOT528 Exposition of Pentateuch3
GOT532 Exposition of Daniel2
GOT534 Exposition of Major Prophets3
GOT535 Exposition of the Minor Prophets3
GOT540 Exposition of Job3
GOT541 Exposition of Psalms3
GOT543 Exposition of Proverbs2
GNT520 New Testament Backgrounds3
GNT529 Exposition of the Gospels3
GNT530 Exposition of Pastoral Epistles3
GNT532 Exposition of First Corinthians3
GNT533 Exposition of Galatians3
GNT534 Exposition of Hebrews3
GNT540 Exposition of Acts3
GNT556 Exposition of Revelation3
Required Hours:9


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Systematic Theology 
Required Classes:
GST510 Prolegomena1
GST520 Dispensationalism and Dispensational Hermeneutics3
Take two of the following classes:
GST611 Systematic Theology 1 – Bibliology, Theology Proper2
GST612 Systematic Theology 2 – Christology and Pneumatology3
GST613 Systematic Theology 3 – Anthropology, Hamartiology and Soteriology3
GST614 Systematic Theology 4 – Eschatology, Angelology, and Ecclesiology3
Required Hours:9


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Historical Theology 
Required Classes:
GHI548 History of Baptist Missions3
Required Hours:3


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Inter-Cultural Studies - Global Ministries Track 
Required Classes:
GCC502 Theological Issues in Missions3
GCC520 Inter-Cultural Communications*3
GCC521 Inter-Cultural Anthropology*3
GCC540 Readings in International Studies3
GCC541 Field Methods2
GCC570 Inter-Cultural Internship2
Elective Classes:
GCC504 Church Planting2
GCC509 Linguistics3
GCC510 Advanced Linguistics3
GCC512 World Religions3
GCC780 Seminar in Inter-Cultural Studies2
Required Hours:14-17
*Course may be waived for students who have taken an equivalent undergraduate course.


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Inter-Cultural Studies - Urban Ministries Track 
Required Classes:
GCC502 Theological Issues in Missions3
GCC531 A Theology of Urban Ministry3
GCC532 The Christian and the City3
GCC533 Discipleship in the City3
GCC571 Urban Internship2
Elective Classes:
GCC504 Church Planting2
GCC509 Linguistics3
GCC520 Inter-Cultural Communications3
GCC521 Inter-Cultural Anthropology3
GCC780 Seminar in Inter-Cultural Studies2
Required Hours:14


Total Hours Required:35