Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. (Prov. 9:9)

Are you called to full-time ministry? Do you want solid biblical and theological training for ministry, but want to be involved in full-time ministry as soon as possible?

This degree program is designed for men who seek standard preparation of a seminary-level education to prepare them to serve the Lord as a pastor, missionary, youth or assistant pastor, or for those who desire a camp ministry, campus ministry, Bible teaching, Bible literature work, or any other area of local church responsibility which is focused on communication of the Word of God. Maranatha Baptist Seminary Master of Divinity program has also been approved for chaplain training by the Department of Defense.

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate and apply biblical and secular models of leadership to ministry context.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate God's Word in both an interactive teaching venue and a public preaching setting.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively plan, organize, and deploy Gospel outreach and discipleship ministry programs for a typical small, medium, or large congregation.

Students will demonstrate the ability to display essential skills and knowledge of pastoral leadership and preaching through the production of an integrated project that includes a motivational sermon(s), a formal article, and a practical outline of a proposed program that would seek to address an issue, problem, or opportunity for improvement common to a typical Baptist church.

  • Available from a Distance or On Campus. Many classes in the Master of Divinity Degree are offered via Online or Virtual Classes; read more about our delivery options! 
  • Other MDiv Options: Look into the option of finishing your MDiv through our Church Site program.
  • Choose to Specialize:  The core of this traditional 96-hour program includes a solid foundation of biblical languages, church history, pastoral theology, biblical studies, and theological studies. Then, if you desire, specialize in one of the following areas:
      • Biblical counseling
      • Biblical languages
      • Inter-Cultural studies
      • New Testament
      • Old Testament
      • Pastoral theology
      • Theology


  • A minimum of 96 semester hours of approved credit must be completed for the Master of Divinity degree.
  • A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from an approved institution must be held by the applicant.
  • No more than 48 semester hours of graduate credit from another institution may be applied toward this degree.
  • A grade point average of 2.5 or better must be earned.
  • As a program designed to prepare pastors and consistent with biblical teachings on the qualifications for pastors, this program is only open to male applicants. Female students are encouraged to pursue one of the Master of Arts programs.
  • Applicants may be required to make up deficiencies without credit in any of the departments at the discretion of the Academic Senate.
  • Look into the option of finishing your MDiv through our Church Site program.


Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology 
Required Classes:
GST510 Prolegomena1
GST520 Dispensationalism and Dispensational Hermeneutics3
GST611 Systematic Theology 1 – Bibliology, Theology Proper2
GST612 Systematic Theology 2 – Christology and Pneumatology3
GST613 Systematic Theology 3 – Anthropology, Hamartiology, and Soteriology3
GST614 Systematic Theology 4 – Eschatology, Angelology and Ecclesiology3
Elective Classes:
GST530 Apologetics and Worldviews3
GST600 Theological Systems3
GST605 Logic for Theology3
GST620 Contemporary Theology3
GST630 Theology of Holiness3
GST710 Theology of the Kingdom3
GST720 Reformation Theology3
GST721 History of Baptist Theology3
GST780 Graduate Seminar in Theology3
Required Hours:15

Biblical Languages

Biblical Languages 
Required Classes:
GOT511 Hebrew Grammar 13
GOT512 Hebrew Grammar 23
GOT615 Hebrew Syntax2
GOT616 Hebrew Exegesis2
GNT503 Greek Grammar 1*2
GNT504 Greek Grammar 2*2
GNT517 Greek Reading2
GNT518 Greek Exegetical Grammar2
GNT519 Greek Exegetical Method2
Elective Classes:
GOT620 Hebrew Reading2
Required Hours:16
*This is a prerequisite. This class does not count toward the 16 hour Biblical Languages requirement, but does count toward the 96 hour requirement.

Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies 
Required Class:
GBS510 Introduction to the Old and New Testaments3
Elective Class:
GBS503 Biblical Studies Seminar2
Required Hours:3

Old Testament

Old Testament 
Required Class:
GOT514 Biblical Theology of the Old Testament3
Elective Classes:
GOT521 Old Testament Backgrounds3
GOT525 Holy Land Tour3
GOT528 Exposition of Pentateuch3
GOT532 Exposition of Daniel3
GOt534 Exposition of Major Prophets3
GOT535 Exposition of the Minor Prophets3
GOT540 Exposition of Job3
GOT541 Exposition of Psalms3
GOT543 Exposition of Proverbs2
GOT711 Exegesis and Exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel3
GOT712 Exegesis and Exposition of Poetry3
GOT720 Messianic Prophecy3
GOT780 Old Testament Seminar3
GOT790 Old Testament Introduction3
Required Hours:12

New Testament

New Testament 
Required Class:
GNT515 Biblical Theology of the New Testament3
Elective Classes:
GNT520 New Testament Backgrounds3
GNT529 Exposition of the Gospels3
GNT530 Exposition of Pastoral Epistles3
GNT532 Exposition of First Corinthians3
GNT533 Exposition of Galatians3
GNT534 Exposition of Hebrews3
GNT540 Exposition of Acts3
GNT556 Exposition of Revelation3
GNT632 Exegesis and Exposition of the General Epistles3
GNT642 Exegesis and Exposition of Paul’s Epistles3
GNT737 Exegesis and Exposition of Romans3
GNT742 Exegesis and Exposition of the Prison Epistles3
GNT780 New Testament Seminar3
Required Hours:12

Pastoral Theology

Pastoral Theology 
Required Classes:
GPA511 Church Administration2
GPA521 Introduction to Preaching*2
GPA522 Expository Preaching of the Old Testament2
GPA523 Expository Preaching of the New Testament2
Take two of the following Classes:
GPA 530 Philosophy of Ministry2
GPA 535 Advanced Small Groups 2
GPA 715 Theology of Church Leadership 2
GPA 717 Discipleship and Mentoring 2
Elective Classes:
GPA531 Church Planting2
GPA610 Building a Disciple-Making Ministry2
GPA612 Pastoral Ethics2
GPA614 Baptist Polity2
GPA615 Theology of Prayer and Worship2
GPA618 Building a Church Missions Program2
GPA650 Advanced Bio-Ethics2
GPA715 Theology of Leadership2
GPA720 The Local Church and the Law2
GPA721 The Pastor and the Law2
GPA780 Graduate Seminar in Preaching2
Required Hours:12
*Course may be waived if the student has taken a similar undergraduate course.

Historical Theology

Historical Theology 
Elective Classes:
GHI515 American Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism3
GHI548 History of Baptist Missions3
GHI608 Baptist History3
GHI628 History of Christianity3
GHI721 History of Baptist Theology3
GHI780 Graduate Seminar in History3
Required Hours:9

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling 
GBC501 Theology and Practice of Pastoral Counseling2
GBC503 Methods of Biblical Change2
GBC513 Counseling Problems and Procedures2
GBC535 Crisis Counseling2
GBC537 Marriage and Family Counseling2
GBC540 Counseling Addictive Behavior2
GBC550 Proverbs and Counseling2
GBC 560 Counseling Survivors of Abuse2
GBC580 Biblical Counseling Seminar2
GBC582 Biblical Counseling Practicum2
Required Hours:2

Inter-Cultural Studies

Inter-Cultural Studies 
GCC501 Theological Issues in Missions3
GCC509 Linguistics3
GCC510 Advanced Linguistics3
Required Hours:3

Electives: (Any Seminary Course)

General Elective Hours:12
Total Hours Required:96