Supreme Court Judgment – The Church

The Supreme Court has declared that gay marriage is now the law of the land. As a sign of postmodern politics, this new law of the land was not voted upon by the people (in fact, where the people had a choice, they overwhelmingly rejected the legality of gay marriage), nor was it enacted by the peoples’ representatives in Congress. It was simply a power play – and the church needs to remember this. While there is discussion of protecting the church’s religious beliefs, this Supreme Court has demonstrated that it does not care what the Constitution says, it does not concern itself about precedent (how long ago was it that when this Court ruled on the Defense of Marriage Act, it declared that the definition of marriage should be reserved for the States?), and it does not care what the people as a whole think.

So what should a church do? First, we need to remind ourselves that the local church is the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Tim 3:15). Had the churches of America upheld the truth of Scripture as Read more…


If you have not heard yet, the new word (already made official by the Urban Dictionary) is “throuple” (“three” + “couple”). Doll, Kitten and Brynn, three women, are now “married” in Massachusetts. Brynn and Doll have been legally married for a few years; Kitten only recently joined the couple, complete with a wedding ceremony. They now consider themselves a “throuple.” Since Massachusetts has a law against polygamy, this probably is not a legal marriage, just old fashioned adultery. We will see how the Federal Government and the State of Massachusetts deal with this situation when they file their tax returns!

My primary concern in this article, however, is not the “throuple.” It is the loss of standards in our culture. This situation is representative of the problem not only in secular society, but also in evangelicalism and fundamentalism when the focus of the attention is on removing lines. The LBGT activists and liberal judges (and some Attorneys General) have been eager to eliminate any Read more…

The Bible

Easter Sunday will see the last installment of The Bible. While I have not seen all of the previous programs, I have seen bits and pieces, enough to realize that the series leaves some big holes in the Old Testament, takes some liberties with the stories, and is too Catholic for me. Nevertheless, I find the series interesting.

What fascinates me about The Bible is its popularity. It is the highest ranked cable program and outranks most of broadcast television. The rise of postmodern thinking in America has seen a rise in interest in the spiritual. Sadly, that interest is not necessarily in biblical Christianity. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to introduce genuine Christianity into daily discussions based on the popularity of this program. Read more…

World View and Marriage

Michael Dean[1]

Marriage, as a legal and cultural institution and as it has historically been known, is under attack in America. The purpose of this article is to address the legal definition of marriage and draw conclusions concerning how the Christian should respond to the attempts to modify the traditional and biblical definitions of this institution.

Law and Culture

I will begin with several general observations about law and culture. Read more…