God Remembers, Charles Feinberg

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“If any portion of the Old Testament has come in for undeservedly scant attention, it has been the minor prophets. Their significance has been obscured by our neglect. Among the major messages of these prophets, that of Zechariah shines forth with special prominence. Zechariah’s prophecy is given primarily to console and comfort weary Israel. The nation’s initial enthusiasm for rebuilding the temple and resettling the land had waned. With growing opposition to the temple reconstruction, they had turned to the pursuit of their own affairs. Zechariah (along with Haggai) arduously seeks to bring Israel from their indifference to a complete spiritual return to the Lord. The prophet’s pronouncement is of a coming day of unparalleled glory – a day when Messiah will rule the entire earth from Jerusalem. The book’s major eschatological importance can be clearly seen for it reveals a wealth of information about Messiah and about the future and role of Israel during the important Day of Jehovah. The prophet provides this information for us in concise, epitomized form. In ‘God Remembers’ Charles Feinberg brings a high level of scholarship to his study of this significant and exegetically difficult book. His familiarity with and love for the Old Testament can be readily seen in his thorough and readable exposition of the message of Zechariah. In addition to the main body of the commentary, ‘God Remembers’ includes an informative introduction, thorough scripture and subject indexes, and an annotated selected bibliography, further enhancing the usefulness of this important reference work.” – Amazon.com

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Zechariah: Everyman’s Bible Commentary, Carl Laney

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“Zechariah, written to encourage the remnant of Israel struggling to follow the Lord, looks ahead to the eventual triumph of God’s people and the coming of the Messiah. It contains many prophecies about Messiah, His life on earth, His millennial reign, and the salvation He would bring–so many in fact that it has been called the “Revelation of the Old Testament. In this easy-to-read, easy-to-use commentary, J. Carl Laney takes you through these prophecies carefully, giving you guidelines for interpreting apocalyptic literature and enriching your understanding of the times in which Zechariah lived. With this Everyman’s Bible Commentary as your guide, you can discover rich truths about the Lord Jesus Christ found in the minor prophets. Use it in your personal study or as the basis of group or Sunday school study.” -Amazon.com

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