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Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal

The Maranatha Baptist University and Maranatha Baptist Seminary Theological E-Journal addresses theological and practical issues from a biblical viewpoint. Read the latest version now or browse our archives below.

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Volume 5.1

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Volume 4.2

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Volume 4.1

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Volume 3.2

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Volume 3.1

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Volume 2.2

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Volume 2.1

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Volume 1.2

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Volume 1.1

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Read Volume 5.1

You may leaf through the full version of the Maranatha Baptist Theological Journal below or download your PDF copy now.

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Dr. Mayes

Sunesis Blog

Sunesis, formerly a periodical print publication, is now a periodical blog. Stop back regularly to see what the faculty and administration are reading, writing, and talking about. Or sign up for email or RSS notification. View the Sunesis homepage now and browse the latest articles.

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Pastor’s Library

The Pastor's Library is compiled and maintained by the faculty of Maranatha Baptist University and Seminary. Books are the tools of the pastor. This list identifies a few of the best books in each area of importance. The first book in each section should be the first to be purchased. Some of the books are annotated, giving you some basic information about the book and its usefulness. For the most part, the recommended books are exegetical and expositional. Devotional commentaries are generally not included in this list.

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Webinars and Other Resources

During recent years, Maranatha Baptist Seminary has provided a series of free webinars (web-based seminars) designed to strengthen church leadership. Each topic offers free training to Christian leaders in vital areas of local church ministry.

Be sure to visit our resources page for a full list and descriptions of each item.