Students may experience a problem, either in a class or with a teacher that transcends the expected challenges of university-level learning rigors. The following processes are designed to present guidance for appropriate action that contrasts with the sinful and unconstructive human tendency to gossip, gripe, or belittle others.

Students must also understand that teachers have the same weaknesses and inconsistencies common to humans. Consequently, a degree of toleration is expected.

When significant problems do occur, however, every Christian is responsible to seek to overcome problems, correct wrongs, and remedy conflicts in a manner consistent with biblical principles.

Teacher/Learning Difficulties or
Student/Teacher Relationship Challenges

  • The student is not experiencing success, and student performance is lacking.
  • The student thinks instruction is inadequate or unclear.
  • The student thinks class expectations are unclear or unrealistic.
  • Personality conflicts exist.
  • Perception of unfairness exists.

To resolve an issue of this nature, students should begin by talking with their teacher. Ideally, only the first step in the following process need occur to resolve issues:
1. Communicate concern to the teacher.
2. Explain concern to department chair or the chair of the department offering the course.
3. Present the problem to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Professional or Ethical Concerns

  • Teacher frequently appears unprepared.
  • Teacher occasionally cancels class or is frequently late.
  • Teacher makes statements or behaves in ways that are obviously at variance with Christian morality or ethics.

To resolve an issue of this nature, students should take the matter directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Correcting or admonishing a teacher on these issues is not a proper role for a student. Students should view these discussions as opportunities for problem-resolution rather than as opportunities for griping. The student must understand that the Vice President for Academic Affairs may discuss concerns with the teacher and that anonymity may not be preserved.

Also see Formal Complaint and Petitions.