Final Exams

Maranatha’s Open Finals exam format allows students to take final exams at any time of their choosing within the final exam time frame. The following guide provides instructions and tips for planning your testing strategy and leveraging this unique opportunity to achieve your full potential.

Selecting a Testing Room

A small handful of exams have been scheduled for a specific time and place. For these courses, faculty will notify students of the date/time/room the exam will take place. All other exams will take place in any of the established exam rooms (your choice). All paper-based testing will take place in a designated classroom (as notified by your instructor.) Some exams use special software installed in specific computer labs—faculty will provide details in such cases.

Testing rooms, capacity, and current openings will be posted on the front page of MyMaranatha and on the video boards located around campus. This dashboard will be updated every 15 minutes with current information on room openings. The Proctor schedule will be posted publicly to allow students to target a testing time when specific faculty are proctoring. Availability cannot be guaranteed. No reservations are available for specific online testing times/locations.

What to Bring

  • Student ID (required)
  • Exam permit (required)
  • Laptop computer & power adapter
  • Blank scratch paper and pen/pencil
  • Other allowed resources (see faculty instructions)
  • Calculator (if allowed). Smart phones and PDAs may not be used as a calculator
  • Water bottle or coffee (non-computer labs only)

What Not to Bring

  • Headphones (audio headphones may not be used for noise cancelling; ear plugs are available in all test centers)
  • Food
  • Non-allowed resources, iPad, Kindle, or other tablet
  • Backpacks or large coats

Honor Code

The Honor Code was developed by Maranatha’s students, faculty and administration:

The principles of honesty and integrity govern all academic work at Maranatha (Romans 12:17, 2 Corinthians 8:21). In addition, principles of kindness and charity govern conduct toward fellow students (2 Peter 1:5-8). Violation of these principles by academic dishonesty, plagiarism or other forms of unfaithfulness will result in severe academic penalties and/or dismissal from the institution.

The Honor Code governs student behavior related to the Open Finals format in two specific ways: 1) Students must not share or accept any information about tests-in-progress. In addition to substantive details, this includes “meta-data” about the test that was not shared by the instructor like its length, perceived difficulty, or recommendations about the amount of appropriate study time or study focus; and 2) Students planning to ride together must not put pressure on other students to finish exams earlier than they would prefer in order to get away quicker. If using your own laptop, you may not leave MyMaranatha during the exam to access any other application or information except under very limited faculty-directed circumstances. All allowed resources must be in print/book form—no online resources may be consulted.

Exam Slips

All students must pay their financial obligation to the University or make satisfactory arrangements with the Business Office for any balance due prior to the beginning of final exams to receive a final exam slip.

  • Lost exam slips may be purchased in the Business Office for $5.

Level of Dress

Class Dress (please see Men, Women) [EC 5/11].

Absence Penalties

  • Students are expected to take finals when scheduled. Students generally receive a failing grade for missing a final, regardless of the quality of other work.