Senior Testing

The Academic Profile Test for seniors is an extremely important assessment measure for Maranatha. Because of its importance, participation in the test is given an extremely high priority. Please take special note of the college calendar for “Assessment Day” or “Senior Testing.”

  • Seniors completing a baccalaureate degree in May, Fall Semester student teachers expecting to graduate in December, and students expecting to graduate in December but will not be present during the Fall Semester must take the Senior Testing in March.
  • Seniors completing a baccalaureate degree in December or Spring Semester Student Teachers expecting to graduate in May must take the Senior Testing in October.

Authorizations to Miss Senior Testing

There are very few legitimate reasons to miss Senior Testing. Work, class, job interviews, play practice, nursing clinicals, weddings, etc. do not constitute valid excuses to miss Senior Testing.

  • Students who believe they have a legitimate conflict with the time of testing must secure specific written authorization to miss and have their testing rescheduled from the Presidential Office.
  • Failure to take the scheduled test without excuse will result in a $50 fine and loss of the privilege to march at Commencement. You will be required to take the test in the Presidential Office.