Athletic Games

Maranatha Baptist University promotes courteous and respectful behavior by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators. As students of the university, you are expected to cooperate by supporting and respecting other spectators, the participants, event staff, and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racist or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions are prohibited. If you feel that you cannot control your emotions or conduct, please remove yourself from the athletic event [EC 5/12].

Any time students attend athletic tournaments outside Watertown, WI, the following policies are in place:

For sporting events:

If traveling more than 1 hour away or staying overnight, EPasses and any needed invitations must be submitted to the Student Life Office 2 days before the event [SL 5/10].
  • Invitation phone number is: (920) 206-2332.

All EPass Guidelines are in force with the following exceptions:

  • Students of the same gender may stay in motel rooms with parents, faculty, staff, or an approved third party.
    • No student may stay alone in a motel.
    • No mixed group may be in a room at any time.
    • Mixed groups may not use a swimming pool (hot tub, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.) at a motel.
    • You may not view any pay-per-view movies, and you are expected to use Godly judgment when viewing TV.
    • The phone number, name, and location of the motel must be clearly indicated on your EPass.

Dress Guidelines

Dress for this activity is Casual.

Face Painting

Face paint may be worn at Maranatha’s Athletic events, but must meet the following guidelines [SL 7/20]:
  • Face paint is only to be worn in the gym or athletic fields.
  • Face painting should never be worn in other buildings.
  • Face paint may not be applied or removed in gym bathrooms.

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