Chapel Music Participant Guidelines

  1. All participants in music (including pianists and accompanists) must wear church dress when they minister in chapel.
    • Check the Men’s Church Dress and Women’s Church Dress policies.
    • Women who are participating (i.e. playing piano, singing, speaking, etc.) must have their outfits checked by the Student Life Office at least 24 hours before participating.
  2. You must contact each of the following people one week in advance, depending on what you need.
    • If you’re singing or playing in chapel,
      • Meet with Dr. Brown in OM 317 for a song check. He is available on Wednesdays from 1:10 to 1:30 p.m. If you cannot meet with Dr. Brown, please contact Dr. Ledgerwood, 920-206-2356, for a possible song check at 3:30 on Mondays in DC 102.
    • If you need additional microphones or a sound check,
    • If you need to use the screen (i. e. words during an instrumental number),
    • If you need risers,
    • If you need to reserve seating (especially for groups with lots of members),
    • If you cannot participate when you are scheduled,
      • Contact the Fine Arts Secretary (920-206-4047) as soon as possible, so a replacement may be found.

Music that is selected will need to be checked through the Fine Arts Department. Please contact Dr. Ledgerwood or Dr. Brown. Avoid copying music except for your accompanist. The student is responsible for making any copies.

If you have any questions, see Dr. Ledgerwood.