[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since Scriptures clearly admonish believers to be faithful in assembling together, attendance is required at all Sunday morning (Sunday School and morning worship count as one service), Sunday evening, and mid-week services. Partnering Churches are designated by the Student Life Office.

Students are expected to bring and use a Bible (paper copy or electronic version) during church services and to be on time.

  • Respect for the Lord and His Word is expected. Sleeping, talking, studying, eating, drinking, cell phone use and any other distracting behaviors are not permitted.

See Ministry Guidelines and Courtesies

Attending Your Permanent Church

  • You are required to attend your permanent church throughout the semester. To change your permanent church, see the Student Life Office.
  • If you will be visiting a church other than your permanent church, you must submit an EPass.

Understanding Attendance Expectations

Athletic Teams

Athletes are not excused from Sunday school or church because of a late Saturday night return.

Business Meetings

If there isn’t a specific announcement from the pastor excusing students from the church business meeting then you must stay to understand how you can pray effectively and to give towards the ministry of the church.


  • Dorm students must report to their Residence Supervisor.
  • Off-Campus students should notify the Student Health Center.

Inclement Weather

Occasionally the Dean of Students and the President will require students to attend church on campus or attend church in town due to snow, ice, or other hazardous weather conditions. The decision to require students to stay on campus is made after:

  • Checking the news to see what the weather forecast is going to be.
  • Checking to see what other churches are doing and whether or not they have canceled their services.
  • Checking with the pastors from Calvary and Fellowship in town to confirm whether or not they are having church.
  • Calling the Sheriff’s Department to get information regarding road conditions and whether or not it is safe to travel.


You are allowed one job-related absence a week.


Only one travel absence a week will be approved and you may not miss both Sunday morning and evening services unless approved in advance by the Student Life Office.

Dress, Music, Drama, Dating, and Translations during Ministry


You should abide by university standards of dress unless you have permission from the Student Life Office to do otherwise.

  • You may follow the dress guidelines of your extension church when working in the Nursery or Children’s ministries.
  • Class Casual dress is appropriate for church meetings held in homes (e.g. small groups). Women may wear approved slacks.


All student selected vocal and instrumental numbers (including piano and organ), readings, dramatizations, and song leading must reflect Maranatha’s standards and guidelines [EC 5/09].


Please refer to the pass chart.


Please refer to the Bible Translations policy.

Making Your Permanent Church Selection

  • You indicate your Permanent Church for the semester by filling out the PCS online form.
  • Couples may not ride alone [SL 5/13].
  • Submit a PCS online form by the last Monday in September (Fall semester). You should only submit a PCS for the spring semester if you are changing your permanent church. The deadline for the Spring PCS submission is the last Monday in January.
    • You will be contacted if there is a problem with your Permanent Church Selection, otherwise, it is considered approved.