Restore Class Credit

Appeal for restoration of credit: At the close of the semester, students who are absent more than their status permits may apply for restoration of credit. These appeals are reserved for those whose excessive absences were caused by emergencies (documented by the Student Life Office), medical necessity (documented by the Student Health Center), or University-sanctioned activities (University has documentation).

The Request for Restoration of Credit form can be downloaded from the Academics > Academic Policies page of under Handouts or picked up in the Registrar’s Office. Students will need to respond to every item on the Request for Restoration of Credit form completely. It includes the date and reason for every absence in the course.

Faculty record absences in the LMS, but not the reasons. In the normal course of business, various offices record events and activities that cause student absences and who was involved. It is the students’ responsibility to document causes for their absences. The form provides instructions for how to do this.

A faculty member or student may request an earlier evaluation of credit status if there is reason to believe that credit will not be granted. This will save both the student and faculty member from expending additional effort needlessly.