Fine Arts Requirement

Fall Spring
Fall Festival Valentine Artist Series
Fall Play Spring Play
Christmas Program  
  • Students must choose one Fine Arts Event per semester. [SL 6/15]
  • You must fulfill the requirement or a $50 fine will be applied to your school account. [SL 6/15]
  • The Fine Arts Requirement cannot be excused for work. If you are employed full time, contact the Student Life Office prior to the event to determine if you qualify for an excuse.
  • You must sign in at the events to receive credit; permission to leave early and still have the event count must be secured through the Student Life Office.
  • Students taking 5 or less credits are exempt from the Fine Arts requirement.
  • Students in the Fine Arts department will have additional requirements.
  • Level of dress (Women ~ Men)
    • Plays and concerts is Church
    • Artist Series is Formal

Off Campus

Students who live with their parents and commute more than 30 miles in one direction may be excused from this requirement. The exception does not apply to single students who move off campus.

Artist Series Policies

  • Dress is semi-formal or formal for evening programs, but not necessarily for dinner.
  • Dress is class casual for matinee performances. [SL 6/15]
  • Dates who are not MBU students must also be dressed appropriately according to Maranatha dress code policies; parental permission is needed for students to date a non-MBU student. Use the same procedure as weekend EPasses to submit permission requests.
  • Men may walk to the dorms between 4:30-5:30 p.m. to pick up dates and may walk dates back to their dorms between 10:30-10:50 p.m.
  • Off campus ladies must have their dress checked the Wednesday before the event. Please see your Dorm Supervisor.

Married Students

  • You are exempt from the Fine Arts attendance requirement.
  • The Fine Arts Department grants complimentary tickets to Maranatha students for each required event. Please see the Welcome Center [SL 5/14].