Buildings and Offices

General Office Policies

  • You should be in faculty offices only by appointment or during visiting hours.
  • Equipment and supplies are not for personal use.

General Building Policies

  • You may not sleep on couches, put your feet on the furniture, or drape legs over chair arms.
  • You may not move furniture. [SL 2/18]

Athletics–Gym, Fitness Center, and Weight Room Policies

Business Office

  • You may make student payments to your account only during cashier hours.
  • You may use the fax machine (920-261-9109) in the business office for a nominal fee.
  • Business office credits you with printer paper every semester; to purchase more, visit the business office.

Classroom and University Media Equipment

  • You are not to access computer and AV equipment unless you are presenting in class with faculty supervision.
  • If you have problems with the equipment, please visit Media Services in the lower level of the DC (Phone: 920-206-2349).
  • Interfering with the University’s departmental radio frequencies is not permitted [SL 10/10].

Classrooms and Reserving a Classroom, Lab, or Hall [AA 3/16]

  • You can reserve classrooms or Burckart Hall when the buildings are open through the Registrar’s Office.
    • You should leave the facilities you use in good order–clean, chairs set up, blackboards clean, windows closed, lights out, and piano keyboards covered
After-Hours Reservations
To reserve a classroom, lab, or hall after buildings are closed to practice for a recital, work on group class projects, or complete a class project that requires lab use:
  • The class instructor will make a request to the Student Life Office regarding student(s) who desire to use a classroom or computer lab for academic reasons after Dorm Lock. The request must be made at least 24 hours in advance and include:
    • Date & Time
    • Classroom needed
    • All students and non-students involved (individuals not listed on the request may not be in the building after dorm lock unless otherwise authorized).
  • Requirements for using classrooms after dorm lock:
    • Classrooms may be reserved from 10:00 pm up to midnight (Students working after midnight must have a faculty member present. Security will inspect and lock the room at midnight).
    • ALH or OM Conference 101 may not be used after 10:00 p.m. Burckart Hall is reserved through the Fine Arts Department and limited to conducting students and recitalists.
    • Furniture, equipment, or wiring may not be removed from, disconnected, or added to the classroom.
    • If the request is for a lady student only, at least one other lady must be present.
    • Mixed-gender groups need a minimum of three students present.
    • The group must clean the room of all trash and re-set the room as outlined by the room diagram. Failure to comply will result in fines added to the students’ accounts.
  • The Student Life Office will reserve the room with the Registrar’s Office.
  • The Student Life Office will communicate the request by email to Security, Custodial, the instructor, and Residence Supervisors.

Computer Labs

Dining Hall Policies

  • Each student is permitted 21 entries per week for meals.
  • You must show your MBU ID card to the dining hall checker for every meal.
    • Temporary ID cards may be purchased from the Dining Hall Manager; permanent ones may be purchased from the Library.
  • Everyone should be out of the dining hall within 15 minutes of the closing time.
  • You should clear tables and push chairs in.
  • You may not take any food or drink out of the dining hall.

 Library Policies, Services, and Hours

  • You must use your MBU ID card to check out materials.
  • Any outstanding fines must be paid to receive your final exam slip or to graduate.
  • Please respect this facility as a place for quiet study, research, and reading.

Post Office Policies

  • You are responsible for your mail daily.
  • You should check only your mail.
  • Each student at Maranatha has a mailbox that may be shared with one other student. Please include the student box number, on the same line as the name. Mail to students should be addressed as follows:

Student Name MPO #
Maranatha Baptist University
745 W. Main St.
Watertown, WI 53094-7638

Building and Office Hours

Lost and Found (by building)