Athletic Facility Policies


  • Facility schedules and guidelines are posted online and in each facility. Users must follow these.
  • Co-Ed activities have set times in the Fitness Center Gym and weight room.
    • The Fitness Center Balcony is always Co-Ed. All other Co-Ed activities must be approved through the Student Life Office.
  • Abuse of the facilities or failure to comply with procedures, rules, and regulations may result in forfeiture of use privileges for an extended period of time.
  • A current MBU identification card must be displayed upon request.
  • Please use the locker room for bags, jackets, extra clothes, and shoes, etc. Articles left in locker rooms will be placed in Lost and Found.
  • Injuries are to be reported immediately to the Athletic Staff on duty. The Athletic Staff on duty must file a report when an injury occurs.
  • Emergency exits are not to be used. Doors are not to be propped open.
  • Make sure outside doors are closed/latched behind you when you leave.
  • Broken equipment needs to be reported or turned in to the Athletic Office.
  • Improper language and/or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Facilities are to be left clean and orderly. Loss of privilege could result from a lack of care.

Game Field Usage

Please do not use the soccer and football game fields for recreational activities (including, but not limited to soccer, football, golf, softball, Frisbee, etc.) as well as Physical Education activities unless approved by the Athletic Office. We are working diligently to maintain, preserve and protect these fields primarily for game usage. If space is needed, please use the Division Street property, the upper “Quad” area (between Old Main and the men’s dorms), or the lower east area between the parking lots on the men’s side of campus when not in use by an athletic team for practice. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


  • Proper attire is required in all facilities. Anyone improperly dressed will be asked to leave and not return until they are properly dressed. (Women ~ Men)
  • Proper footwear is required in all facilities. Participants are asked to change into a separate clean pair of non-marking shoes for indoor recreation.
  • Shoes that mark the floors and muddy/dirty shoes are not permitted.
    • Please change shoes before going onto the gym floor to prevent damage to the floor or tracking in water causing dangerous wet spots.

You May Not

  • Smoke on campus.
  • Bicycle, skateboard, roller-skate, or roller-blade in the facilities.
  • Bring animals or pets into the facilities.