Off-Limit Areas

For safety and security reasons, the following areas are off limits for all students, unless you have specific permission to be there. Students may reserve classrooms through the Registrar’s Office.
  • Classrooms after hours.
  • Basements of any building (except when visiting the practice rooms and computer labs of the Dining Complex [SL 3/09].
  • Campus buildings after dorm lock.
  • Faculty and staff offices.
  • Kitchen
  • Maintenance buildings and offices.
  • Mechanical rooms and storage areas.
  • Student Health Center.
  • Lawns
  • Attic and roof areas.
  • Gym/Chapel area unless you’ve been given specific permission to practice on the organ and piano.
  • Fire escapes (except for emergencies).

Note: If you are alone with student of the same gender, or with a mixed group of three or more people, then you may be in the hallways of Old Main or the Dining Complex after 5pm or on the weekends [SL 9/09].

Off Limit Areas for a Guy and Girl

No guy and girl may be alone:

  • After 5pm or on weekends in any classroom, practice room, MIDI room, or campus facility.
    • If you are preparing for ministry or recital performances, you may practice with a member of the opposite sex in ALH, BH, or Room 212 during the day.
    • Couples may not go beyond the yellow posts outside of the Dining Complex
    • When leaving a sports activity from the gym, part inside the gym.
  • In vehicles on or off campus.
  • In homes or apartments without parental, faculty, or staff supervision.
  • Couples or mixed groups may stay in the same home overnight with parental permission from both/all students.
  • Violations to these policies are subject to severe disciplinary action or suspension.

For Male Students

For Female Students

  • *Men’s side of campus; women students may not walk behind the men’s residence halls.
  • You may not be in the quad area in front of the men’s dorms unless there is a special event [SL 5/10].

* You may drop students off at dorms when returning to campus, but you may not linger.