Vehicles – University Owned

To qualify as a driver of Maranatha vehicles, you must meet the following:

Note: Vehicle drivers must be alert and attentive to driving. An individual may not drive a vehicle carrying passengers more than 10 hours, or exceed any combination of working and driving of 15 hours in a 24-hour period.

All Drivers

  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must hold a current drivers license and provide a copy of it to the Business Office.
  • Must have a good driving record and be approved by the VP for Business Affairs.
  • Must read and agree to vehicle use guidelines, committing to abiding by and enforcing the guidelines.

Requirements for 15-passenger van drivers

  • Must view van driving safety video and complete/submit accompanying form.
  • Drivers for ensembles must also satisfactorily complete a check-ride with the mechanic.
  • Use of cell phones, pagers, etc., by drivers is prohibited while driving.

Requirements for bus drivers

  • Must view van driving safety video and complete/submit accompanying form.
  • Must hold the appropriate Wisconsin CDL license for the bus being driven and have the Passenger (P) Endorsement.
  • Must pass the test for vehicles with air brakes in order to drive vehicles with air brakes (lack of licensing for air-brake vehicles is indicated on the license under restrictions).
  • Must hold a current Federal Medical Certificate (two-year expiration).
  • Must satisfactorily complete an over-the-road vehicle check with vehicle mechanic.
  • Use of cell phones, pagers, etc., by drivers is prohibited while driving.
  • CDL drivers are subject to an initial hire and random drug testing.

Rules of the Road

It’s good to hear periodic reminders regarding common sense things that we take for granted at times.  The following points relate to the use of Maranatha vehicles:
  • All drivers and passengers of Maranatha vehicles Must secure the seat belt in place prior to leaving campus. Not only is this a simple safety precaution, but it is a Wisconsin state statute.  All of the Maranatha cars and vans have functioning seat belts in every seat position.
    • The results of a number of safety investigations surrounding 15-passenger van accidents have all agreed—The wearing of seat belts reduces the chance of fatalities by 75-80%.
  • Be alert to proper driving practices, changing weather conditions, other drivers, and the rules/law of the road.
    • On occasion the university is contacted by an individual regarding a Maranatha driver’s disregard for proper driving (e.g. tailgating, ignoring a stop sign).  Remember that our testimony travels with us.
  • If you have been given the right to drive a Maranatha vehicle, you have accepted the responsibilities to:
    • Pick up a vehicle from the Bus Garage parking lot no earlier than you signed up to use it because others may be using it before you.  Don’t park your car in this same when you secure the MBU vehicles – not enough room.
    • Determine if driving conditions are unsafe or if you are personally not able to drive (ill, tired).  Do not take lightly the lives of other passengers in your vehicle.
    • Confirm with all passengers that seat belts have been secured.
    • Return the vehicle to the Bus Garage parking lot as soon as you are done with its use.  Others may be assigned to use the same vehicle the same day or the very next morning.
    • Dispose of trash and lock all doors.
    • Pass in keys immediately to the Bus Garage door and include a note if there are any indications of vehicle problems or necessary repairs.
    • Pass in gasoline receipts to the Business Office A/P Clerk.
    • Report any accidents or breakdowns immediately to either Mark Stevens or Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor.
Naturally, some of these same reminders should be followed regardless of whose vehicle it is.  You are a representative of the college and Jesus Christ 100% of the time.  What kind of Christian driver are you?