Vehicle and Parking Citations

Generally, citations are written and placed on the vehicle’s windshield. Fines are imposed for violating vehicle regulations and are posted to the student’s account 5 calendar days after the citation is issued.

  • A student who wants to contest a citation must do so within 4 days of receiving the citation. Please see the Student Life Office.
  • Fines begin at $5 and depend on the nature of the violation.
  • Violation of city parking regulations on Main, Fremont, or Lafayette streets (near the University) may result in a fine imposed by Maranatha in addition to the fine levied by the city. Parking lawfully on city streets is a matter of testimony and courtesy to the University’s neighbors.
  • A student who persistently violates vehicle regulations is subject to disciplinary action, vehicle immobilization, or loss of vehicle privileges.

Vehicle Violation


Incorrect student lot parking $5
Faculty/Staff lot parking $10
Reserved/Visitor space parking $15
Handicap space parking $25
Improperly parked (over the white line(s)) $5
Loading Zone/exceeding 10 min. limit $10
No Parking area $15
Sidewalk obstructing $10
Driving or parking on grass (off-road includes winter and areas not intended for vehicular traffic) $25 and disciplinary action
Driving over, around, through, or tampering with cones or barricades $25, disciplinary action, required to pay for damaged property.
Failure to abide by traffic signs (eg. Stop, Do Not Enter, etc.) $25
Entering areas for “Authorized Vehicles Only” $25 and disciplinary action
Operating without registration sticker (for each week cited) $10
Failing to register the vehicle (for each week cited) $25
Failing to register vehicle one week following the first citation $30-vehicle will be immobilized.
Exceeding 10 mph campus speed limit 1st offense =Warning. Subsequent offenses = $25 and possible loss of privileges
Failure to abide by special event and break announcements Determined by Director of Security
Reckless driving (spinning tires, towing skaters or sleds, doing donuts, driving with people on the exterior of the vehicle, etc.) $50 fine and disciplinary