Vehicle Registration

  • All students, whether on- or off-campus, must register vehicles with Campus Security at the beginning of each semester.
  • Any vehicle brought to campus at any other time during the semester must also be registered with Campus Security.
    • There are no additional charges for registering a new vehicle once you have paid the initial semester Vehicle Registration fee.
  • A student may park only one registered vehicle on campus at any time.
  • Bringing a trailer, boat, or recreational vehicle of any kind to campus is discouraged and may only be done by obtaining permission from the Student Life Office prior to bringing it to campus.
    • A trailer may be kept on campus only by permission and only on a space available basis.
    • The trailer must be registered with Campus Security and must be parked where assigned. A parking fee will be assessed.
Parking Stickers are to be affixed to the inside lower left corner of the rear window and may not be taped or displayed in a temporary manner.
  • Vehicles are issued one parking sticker that lasts the entire time of the student’s residence at the University (new stickers are not issued each semester).
  • If you lose your parking sticker please see the Student Life Office. There is a $5 fee for replacing a lost sticker.
Motorcycles do not pay the Vehicle Registration fee and may be brought to campus in addition to another vehicle without any additional registration fees.
  • Campus Security encourages students that bring their motorcycles to campus to notify Security in case the motorcycle is involved in an accident on campus.

Off Campus and Married Students

Off Campus and married students must register vehicles with Campus Security at the beginning of each semester.
  • You will only need to pay the registration fee and receive a sticker if you desire to park on campus.

Non-Owner Operation of Vehicles

  • Students who loan vehicles to others do so at their own risk.
  • The registered operator of a vehicle is responsible for any campus citations incurred while his or her vehicle is operated by another student.
  • Use of a vehicle without the owner’s explicit permission is a serious infraction.


  • A student who brings a vehicle to campus must have liability insurance coverage. Minimum coverage of:
    • $10,000 – for property damage
    • $25,000 – for injury/death of one person
    • $50,000 – for injury/death of more than one person
  • A student may not transport passengers or allow anyone else to operate the vehicle without this coverage.
  • Drivers and owners of vehicles are required to show proof of insurance to Wisconsin law enforcement when requested.