Vehicle Repair

The following types of routine vehicle maintenance may be done in university parking lots:
  • Adding fluids (coolant, windshield washer, brake/power steering/transmission fluids, engine oil).
  • Minor repairs such as replacing wiper blades, repairing light fixtures, replacing light bulbs, replacing air filters, battery replacement, etc., i.e., repairs that do not require major equipment, jacks, hoists, etc., and that will not result in fluid spills on paved or unpaved areas.
  • Jump starting. This should be done only by individuals with experience who know and understand what they are doing since jump starting is not a “safe” activity.
  • Changing a flat tire. This can also be dangerous if not done correctly. Get help if you lack experience. Be sure to use the right equipment.
The following types of vehicle work are NOT permitted in campus parking lots due to safety concerns, concerns about ground pollution and/or concerns about damage to pavement:
  • Work on fuel lines or fuel systems.
  • Oil changes.
  • Transmission repair or fluid change.
  • Major engine, drive train or drive axle repair or replacement.
  • Brake/brake drum/brake rotor/brake line replacement/repair.
  • Any repairs that normally require hoists or lifts.
  • Any repairs that require a vehicle to sit on blocks or jack stands.