Health Emergency


Get Help

  • Dial 911 from any campus phone and give your location for emergencies that are obviously of a critical nature and render appropriate aid.
  • Then notify the Student Health Center (920-206-2384), a Residence Supervisor, or a Dean as soon as is safely possible.

For Urgent, but Non-Emergency Treatment

Call the Student Health Center or Residence Supervisor.
    • If you cannot contact the Student Health Center, Dorm Supervisor, or Dean before taking someone to the doctor or hospital report the situation as soon as possible or contact the Student Health Center upon returning from the hospital. This responsibility also belongs to the person being treated.

Urgent/Emergency Care

Back or Neck Injury

DO NOT move the victim.

Severe Bleeding

Apply direct pressure and elevate the wound.

Fainting Victim

Have them lie flat. Give them plenty of space.

Seizure or Convulsions

DO NOT restrain the person.
Clear area of obstacles.