Tornado Warning

Since Jefferson and Dodge Counties are among counties having the highest number of reported tornadoes in the state of Wisconsin, it is important that the Maranatha family be aware of what to do in the event of a tornado watch or tornado warning.
  • A TORNADO WATCH means that conditions are favorable for the formation of tornadoes.
  • A TORNADO WARNING means that a tornado or funnel cloud has been sighted in the area. Sirens will be sounded in Watertown and immediate action should be taken to move to a designated safer area at this time.
The following areas are to be used as tornado shelters on campus until the warning has been lifted:
  • Old Main – go to inside hallways that are not in line with any outside doors or windows or go to the basement areas that are not exposed to any outside windows.
  • Dining Complex – go to lower level interior rooms away from windows.
  • Gym evacuate to the locker rooms.
  • Modulars – go to the Main Building in the same areas designated for people in the Main Building.
  • Hanneman Hall – if time permits, go to the Gym locker rooms or the basement of the Science Lab.
  • Residence Halls – go to the basement areas or the lowest level of the dorms, away from outside windows.
  • Library – go to the center of the lower level away from windows.