Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is not a clinic. Illnesses are not diagnosed nor are prescription medications available. The Student Health Center provides support for ill students, medical advice, and can also schedule medical and dental appointments.

Contact Information


Student Health Center Policies

  • On-campus students who are ill should contact the Student Health Center before classes or chapel are missed.
  • The Student Health Center will coordinate the delivery of lunches to dorm students who are ill. [SL 5/22]
  • Students too ill for class are considered to be too ill for dating, work, sports, or other extracurricular activities. Any exception must come from a Dean or the Student Health Center Coordinator.
    • Students who miss classes due to illness and participate in activities on the day of illness should expect to have illness Absence Reports denied or revoked.

Doctor Appointments

  • No doctor/dentist appointments are to be scheduled during chapel except by the Student Health Center Coordinator.
  • Students should avoid scheduling appointments during class.
  • Students may not miss class to take other students to medical appointments.

If Taken to the Emergency Room

  • An on-campus student who goes to the emergency room due to a medical emergency is to notify the Student Health Center Coordinator, Dorm Supervisor, or a Dean as soon as possible.
  • Those dealing with a health emergency after hours must notify a Residence Supervisor or RA. If they are unavailable, please contact Security by dialing (920) 285-9316.
  • Visitors are limited to siblings of the same gender, Dorm Supervisors, or Faculty/Staff. Exceptions must be granted by the Student Life Office.

Class Absence for Illness

  • Unless you are enrolled as a virtual student, virtual attendance in class will only count in the case of illness, symptoms, or quarantine that is verified.[SL 5/22]
  • The Student Health Center does this verification. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Student Health Center for their virtual attendance to count.[SL 5/22]