Vaccination Policy

Maranatha’s Vaccination Policy¬†is dictated by the Watertown Health Department.

New Students

All new students are required to have the following immunizations (unless a waiver is signed as indicated below):
  • Tetanus- series of at least 3 shots with the most recent being a Tdap within the last 9 years
  • MMR- 2 shots
  • Hepatitis B series- 3 shots
  • Varicella (chicken pox)- 2 shots, or known active disease in the past
  • Meningococcal vaccine- recommended for all students, required for nursing students

Vaccination Waiver

Vaccination waiver forms can be obtained by contacting or visiting the Admissions Office or the Student Health Center during business hours. A waiver is only permitted for the following reasons and this reason must be indicated on the waiver form:
  • Religious
  • Personal Conviction
  • Medical (known medical reason that the shot is contraindicated)