The Weapons storage policy includes BB and pellet guns, crossbows, firearms (handguns, rifles), or any potentially dangerous weapon.
Note: Bows and knives with a blade longer than 3.5″ must be locked in your vehicle or in your Dorm Supervisor’s apartment.
  • Weapons are not permitted in dorm rooms or anywhere else on campus.
  • We do not store ammunition.
  • Weapon may never be loaded any time it is on campus.
  • You may never carry a concealed weapon on campus.
  • You are responsible for complying with all applicable gun laws in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Failure to store your weapon will result in disciplinary action and mandatory storage.

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Weapons Storage Policy

Upon returning to campus, you need to store the weapon as soon as possible in the campus gun safe. Do not ever take a weapon into a dorm or any other campus facility.
To store your weapon
  • Notify the Director of Security or the Dean of Men in the Student Life Office between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Email him or call 920-206-2332 to set a definite time.
  • It must be unloaded and in a case.
  • Tag or label the weapon with your name and room extension or phone number.
  • Bring your storage fee of $10 cash or check payable to MBU (fee is per school year for up to two firearms).
  • Sign the Weapons Storage Policy agreement at the time of storage.
To retrieve your weapon
  • Contact the Director of Security in the Student Life Office. The Dean of Men may also assist you.
    • If you desire to pick up your weapon after office hours, Campus Security Captains may also assist you.
  • You will need to present your ID card to retrieve the weapon.
  • Please bring your vehicle to Old Main with your weapon secured inside. Do not carry your weapon through campus.
  • Only the owner can obtain the weapon. Roommates, friends and family members will not be allowed to pick up the weapon.