Campus Housing During Breaks

Students and visitors who desire to stay on campus after the residence halls close (end of semester, Thanksgiving break, and Spring break) are to ask for permission from the Student Life Office. Students who are staying due to required participation in a university sponsored event are permitted to stay in the break Residence Hall with a reservation, but without charge. On occasion, visitors and former students may be permitted to stay on campus with the Student Life Office’s permission.

  • A $7 fee is charged per day for students and visitors who are not staying for a required university sponsored event.  This includes students that return early from a break.  The fee is placed on the student’s account.
    • Students staying the whole week of Spring break pay $50.
  • The Student Life Office will send the Welcome Center a list of students and visitors who have been approved to stay on campus.
  • Students must vacate their dorm before the Residence Halls close and move to the residence hall that will be used during the break. Residence halls cannot be accessed after they close at the end of the semester.
  • Break Residence Halls are able to be accessed for a set period of time to be determined by the Student Life Office following the end of the semester.

Students who desire to remain on campus for the entirety of the semester break should contact the Student Life Office to see if there are any available options.