[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Problems in the residence hall should be shared with the leaders of the residence hall. Students who are having trouble getting along with someone, do not understand a regulation or procedure, or have any other difficulty, should consult with their RL, RA, or Dorm Supervisor to resolve the difficulty. They will know how to assist or when to refer student needs to a Dean. If the difficulty persists after consulting with residence hall leadership, students may feel free to schedule an appointment with a Dean.

Residence Supervisors

Residence Supervisors are responsible for supervising life in the residence halls and are as follows
Men’s Residence Halls Women’s Residence Halls
Mr. Timothy Bellrichard Armitage Hall Miss Hannah Pate  Melford Hall
Mr. Daniel Sample Leland Hall Miss Haly Hendricks Hilsen Hall
Mr. Troy Jones Carey Hall Miss Autumn DeLeon Day Hall
Mr. Tyler Lacock Judson Hall Miss Michal Wagner  Gould Hall
Mr. Jeremy Fopma Spurgeon Hall Miss Vanessa Torres  Weeks Hall


Residence Assistants (RAs)

RAs assist Residence Supervisors in overseeing life in the residence halls. These students are to be treated with the respect due to their position.

Assistant Residence Assistants (ARAs)

ARAs assist the RAs in their responsibilities in the Residence Halls and fulfill the RA’s dorm responsibilities in the RA’s absence. ARAs also serve as Room Leaders. ARAs should be afforded the same respect that is given to an RA.

Room Leaders (RLs)

The Administration has asked these students serve as to help their roommates adjust to university life and to ensure that the spiritual atmosphere in each room is positive. They provide leadership in the dorm and seek to encourage their roommates in their walk with God.

Also see Student Leadership and Organizations