Lights and Studying

Lights Out [updated SL 1/13]

  • Overhead lights are to be off, and quiet is to be maintained in the dormitory. Studying is permitted with personal lamps in dormitory rooms for one hour after lights out (until midnight Monday through Thursday).
  • All students must be in bed one hour after lights out unless they are studying.
  • Students who need to study together must study in a study room or in a basement area recreational room.
  • Students may not be in anyone else’s room and may use computers only for schoolwork.
  • No haircuts may be given during this time unless special permission is received due to a work conflict.
  • Hallways, bathrooms, or shower rooms should be quiet.
  • No phone calls are to be made or received beginning one hour past dorm lock except with permission from the dorm supervisor.
    • Texting and Facebook are permitted until midnight [EC 5/10, SL 9/11].

Dorm Devotions and Meetings

  • All dorm meetings and devotions are required unless excused in advance by the Residence Supervisor.
  • Devotions are conducted in the residence halls Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10:00 pm. to 10:30 pm. Attendance is required.

Off Campus Students and Dorm Devotions