What should I bring?

College List of Items to Bring [SL 7/23]


Students may have one mini-refrigerator (3.9 cubic feet) per room, but there will be a fee.

Room Furniture

  • Room furniture generally can be rearranged – please check with your RL first and get your Residence Supervisor’s approval.
  • Please check with your Residence Supervisor before bringing extra furniture (lamps, chairs, desks, bookcase, etc.).
  • For safety, please
    • Move bunk beds, dressers, and desks a minimum of 6” away from baseboard heaters.
    • Bunk beds may not be taken apart.
    • Halogen lamps are not permitted in the residence halls.

Computer Monitors

One computer monitor per student is permitted in the residence halls. Monitors cannot exceed the length of the desk (42″). [SL 6/20]

Decorating Doors, Walls, Ceilings, and Furniture

  • You should put the name of each occupant on the outside of each room door.
  • Please decorate your room, but remember that the décor must be approved by the residence supervisor.
  • Christmas lights are only permitted as a seasonal decoration. They may not be hung up year-round. (Battery-operated decorative lights are permissible). [SL 1/19]
  • Anything hanging in your room must be appropriate and in good Christian taste. Rooms shouldn’t be advertisements for movies and celebrities.
  • If tack strips are provided, please pin your posters, pictures, and decorations to the tack strip and not to a wall or the ceiling.
  • A collage of pictures/items must be put on a poster board or corkboard and pinned to the tack strip or wall space provided.
  • You may use Mavalus tape to attach appropriate items (pictures, posters, etc.) to the walls (not the ceiling). Mavalus tape can be purchased in the Campus Bookstore.
    • You may not use nails, screws, staples, packing tape, duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape, command strips, or sticky tack to attach anything to the walls, ceiling, or furniture.


You are permitted to have fish in the residence halls in aquariums that are no larger than 20 gallons. No other pets are permitted except for service animals.

Windows and Blinds

  • Please keep your food and drinks in a room refrigerator and not in your windows (please see Mini-Refrigerator).
  • Signs, posters, stickers, etc., are great for decorating, but please keep them off of the windows or between the windows and the screens.
  • Window screens are easily punctured and damaged, please do not remove screens from the windows.
  • You may open your blinds as long as everyone in the room is modestly dressed.

Christmas Decorating

  • Trees, wreaths, boughs, etc. must be artificial.
  • Please only use miniature lights – lights should not touch baseboard heaters.
  • Christmas decorations are for the inside of the residence only. Decorating the outside of the building is not permitted.
  • Decorations inside can be attached to the tack strips but not to the walls and ceilings. Nails, tacks, screws, and tape cannot be used on the walls or ceilings.
  • Unsafe electrical conditions will be removed (multiple extension cords, cords with poor ends, etc.).

Video Game Systems

  • Video game systems are permitted in the residence halls with Dorm Supervisor approval. Video Game System internet updates are not available on campus.

Also see Video Game policies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]